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A Bibliography of Metaethics

James Lenman

Department of Philosophy,

University of Sheffield

A web-based bibliography has the great advantage of lending itself to continuous updating and correction of errors. If you find mistakes in it, please tell me.
Users are also encouraged to draw my attention to
omissions. Note however that the bibliography is selective and I do not include everything suggested. But if you think a book or paper is good and don't find it here do tell me.

The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by first author's surname:




Note 1. Links from authors' names go to personal homepages when these are are known to me. I have excluded links to very basic homepages and most of those given supply bibliographical information. (I see quite a lot of these have gone out of date and wil try to update them soon. Meanwhile would people please stop moving around so much till I have time to catch up.)

Note 2. I have started to add annotations to this bibliography here and there. I don't expect ever to finish. Which texts are annotated is partly a reflection of which seem important to me but partly of others thing such as what I happen to have read or been thinking about recently. (The comprehensive coverage of my own publications merely reflects the fact that I am at present the leading world authority on me.)

Note 3. Up till 2003 I never bothered to give page ranges for papers. I now think it's probably better if I do so I have started to add them. But, given the size the bibliography has now grown to, it is likely to be a very long time before they are all there.


since 19th April 2000

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